Pumped storage schemes
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Pumped storage schemes

Wind and solar farms need pumped storage schemes to store the energy they generate. The efficiency of pumped storage reservoirs is maintained at all times by using impervious geomembranes which avoid leakage and can resist the rapid flow of water, extreme wind conditions, high temperatures and aggressive UV rays. Geomembranes are key for ensuring efficient continuous operation and availability of the pumped storage schemes. In case of unlikely maintenance, repair of SIBELON® geomembrane systems is rapid and can also be carried out underwater.  

SIBELON®geomembrane systems:

  • Can be placed on rough subgrades and steep slopes;
  • Do not need a cover layer;
  • Accommodate settlement of the subgrade without losing their water tightness;
  • Allow continuously monitored performance;
  • Have a long life, with minimum maintenance required;
  • In case of accidental damage, repair is simple and rapid, and can be carried out underwater if necessary.

France, 2018

Portugal, 2019

Panama, 2016

Germany, 2008

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