Hydraulic tunnels
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Hydraulic tunnels

SIBELON® geomembrane systems, exposed or covered, are used for rehabilitation or in new construction of hydraulic tunnels and shafts. SIBELON® geomembrane systems are designed to sustain high water velocities and extremely high water pressures. 

SIBELONMAT®geomembrane systems:

  • Stop leakage;
  • Minimize head losses;
  • Bridge cracks and joints;
  • Protect the structure from deterioration;
  • Increase the water flow;
  • Reduce the accumulation of sediments;
  • Require minimum maintenance;
  • In case of leaking waste, protect the ground water from contamination;
  • In association with reinforced concrete can replace steel lining.

Israel, 2018

USA, 2017

USA, 2008

Czech Republic, 1999

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