In flowing water
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In flowing water

SIBELONMAT® is a state-of-the-art system for waterproofing canals without stopping the water flow. SIBELONMAT® is a watertight SIBELON® double-geomembrane modular mattress that can be deployed underwater in flowing water. Adjacent mattresses are first connected underwater with watertight heavy-duty zips and then filled with an economical cement mortar. The bottom geomembrane provides water tightness; the upper geomembrane provides containment for the cement grout not to pollute the water; the cement grout provides ballast against the dragging force of the water.


  • Is totally watertight;
  • Is environmentally sustainable, with water pollution avoided;
  • Installation does not impact on the operation of the canal;
  • Performs well under seismic load;
  • Stabilizes slopes and increases hydraulic efficiency;
  • Requires minimum maintenance;
  • Has a service life > 100 years;
  • Applicable in projects of any size for canals, embankment dams, and as an upstream blanket.

Egypt, 2018

Italy, 2015