Embankment dams
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Embankment dams

Full Face/Partial Face/ Treatment of Joints

In embankment dams with an upstream facing, differential settlements in the dam body, ageing and overstressing of the facing, and localized deterioration at the connection between embankment and concrete structures, can create critical paths for water infiltration. Water infiltration can lead to cracking and piping, to pore pressure increase with opening of transverse cracks, to internal erosion, to removal of erodible or soluble material, to erosion of dispersed or deflocculated clay particles, to loss of shear strength due to saturation.

SIBELON® geomembrane systems stop water infiltration, provide watertightness even when large settlements occur, reduce/prevent formation of uplift pressures, prevent internal erosion and piping, avoid migration of fines in the core, and maintain watertightness in the case of seismic events.

SIBELON® geomembrane systems can be installed covered or exposed, using different types of anchorage systems on different types of subgrades. 

Earth dams

Italy, 1992

Czech Republic, 1999

Romania, 2011

Germany, 2004

Rockfill dams

Romania, 2012

France, 2014

USA, 2004

Greece, 2010

Sierra Leone, 2010

USA, 2007

UK, 2001

USA, 2014

USA, 2011

USA, 2006

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